First attempt at star trails


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Mar 18, 2013
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Needs a lot of work I know. Followed a tutorial on how to bring out colors in the star trails. Should probably have started with how to get the star trails right to begin with! But you all know I don't like to follow instructions. I am aware of a few things that I missed and/or did incorrectly, especially with the foreground but please, for those who are familiar with star trails, weigh in with any advice or suggested tutorials. Really not sure if I'll do much more of this type of shooting due to the time involved but now that I have a second camera body and tripod I may set it up and let it run during milky way shoots - if we're staying in one spot long enough.

This is 150 photos each one is ISO 1000, 15 seconds, f4 using the Fuji XT2 and Samyang 12mm.

First not very good attempt at star trails by SharonCat..., on Flickr

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