flash recommendations for Nikon D50


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Dec 29, 2007
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I know the SB-600 is probably the top choice...but yikes...almost $200 for one!

Any cheaper but good flashes available? Something that will work with the D50 and not be in complete manual mode all the time, please.

Most of the flash I need is for fill, but it would be nice to have the ability to be able to bounce or rely on a flash in a very dark situation. The in-camera flash is o.k. but it results in o.k. pictures.
No top choice is the SB-800. The SB-600 is the minimum I would recommend.

You're choices are really limited to one of the SB series. The SB-400 is rather small and underpowered for bounce light. The biggest problem is that the iTTL metering system is somewhat proprietary. Some other manufacturers make flashes which will work but especially for complex metering situations like fill-flashing you want to be 100% compatible with Nikon's iTTL system.
actually, after reading reviews and specifications of the sb400, it might be just what i'm looking for

thanks for the advice...i didn't realize the ittl system was so specific
He also shoots manually whereas molsen requested a good fill flash. How good is a fill flash if you miss the shot because you're spending your time trying to balance the light.

Don't get me wrong I'm a strobist fan, but there's a place for it.

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