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    Perfect condition. I've only owned this bag for a few months and realized that I need a backpack type bag. Its a great roomy bag in perfect condition. Only took it out anywhere once, otherwise its sat in my room keeping my gear safe. For me it held 2 bodies w/ lenses plus 3 extra lenses and a flash. Plus extra side pockets. Comes with everything I got it with.
    I'm asking $65 including shipping.

    Description from Lowepro:
    The Nova 5 is the largest bag in the Nova Series. With the Horizontal/Vertical Divider, the interior can be customized for most 35mm, Medium Format or Video equipment. The NoDrop Pocket prevents spills when you change film or filters - and the Nova 5 has a mesh gadget pocket and organizer pockets. There's a curved padded shoulder strap for greater comfort, plus metal D rings and hardware, just like the Pro AW series. Use the optional Backpack Harness for convenience.

    Key Features
    • All Weather cover offers protection from weather, sand and dust
    • T Support divider platform holds camera securely and flips up for quick access
    • Horizontal/Vertical Divider Works two ways to customize the interior.
    • NoDrop Front Pocket Organized space for accessories - Works as a tray for changing film or lenses
    • OverLap Zipper for improved protection
    • 2 Exterior Pockets: NoDrop Pocket and Security Pocket
    • Laminated Mesh Pockets Protect delicate accessories and camera surfaces
    • Non-Slip Strap Curved to fit your shoulder

    pics of actual bag:


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