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Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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Mountain View, California
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Ok, the story behind these is a bit long, so I'm going to abridge it in a big way.

I shot the Golden Gate on my way to Davis for the weekend. Same spot a lot of people use, over a fence and down a trail. I'll be returning during a good thunderstorm, if we ever get one. I got soaked in the rain, but the sun popped out just in time for a quick 1 minute exposure to get rid of the boats/cars.

Second is just a junker from when I went out with a friend whom recently bought my old GND filter set to show him how to use them. We hopped a fence (again) and headed up onto some pasture land, but unfortunately missed the sunset.

Hope you enjoy them! :)


Gate to The City
by TogaLive, on Flickr


Sea of Green
by TogaLive, on Flickr

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