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Jun 14, 2013
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overland park, ks
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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, Im a wife, mother of 3 Im 26 and work full time as a auto assembler. I have always loved cameras even as a small child and I love taking photos and the art of photography! Recently I've been having the thought of taking photography more seriously Im not sure how far I will go with it but I do hope to become a professional one day. I just ordered my first DSRL camera I got the Nikon d5100 just from reading reviews on here and searching online, I figured this would be the best choice for me as a beginner as I looked at the d3200. I hope I made the right choice, I'm also considering on taking some online courses and going to get a few books on photography. I love to set goals and my goal for this is to be able to call myself a pro photographer in at least 2.5-3 yrs with of course a better camera and my own business. I can't wait to get started on this new journey and hope you all can help me along the way.
Welcome aboard.
If you want to take some really great pictures of your kids without spending much money, check out www.strobist.com. That site is just wonderful; he's totally focused on how to take great-looking flash photos simply and inexpensively.

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