How do you keep your eyes open in bright light?


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Feb 20, 2012
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I am trying to take the best possible picture of me. It needs to be the highest definition possible, and so far the only way I can do that while looking decent is with a flash. Biggest problem is that the rest of the area looks overly dark. Next option is to take an outdoors shot, which unless I am in the shade, I squint like crazy. Then when I go into the shade the camera can't adjust very well and the all the areas that gets direct sun light become washed out. What's a guy to do?

My last idea is to use multiple lights that are bright, but much dimmer than the sun........ Of course I still haven't sovled the problem of me squinting so much. Any advice?

I welcome to any advice( I don't mind editing, but please only in this thread). Photo taken with my best camera: Cyber-Shot DSC-HX200V it is not a DSLR.

Original: And the slightly depressive stuck up face is intentional.

I had to shrink for another site.
Eyes closed for six seconds, then 3,2,1,and it's Open Eyes! times, as the shutter is fired...that is my standard anti-squint procedure...

The glare from the metal picture frame is very distracting on this shot.
That worked, but I still can't get enough light in my room. I had four 100w lights, and one 75w light and I still had to be at 100fps and 1000 iso. I think I might have to call it quits and find a professional photography place to do my pictures. I'm in Reno(NV), any recommendations for a place that will give me the raw pics digitally so I can do the editing?
As a friend with a higher-ISO-capable camera to help out or lend you their camera?

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