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Jun 15, 2009
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I've tried it twice myself and I'm sure there will be at least a third time because I don't like living alone :D

But a few days ago I was talking to this guy who told me he's had 26 wives and he's about my age :shock:

Now, I've known a few people who have been married a lot more times than I have but... 26 times? Wow!
okay I am sure that is a lie. 26 times! What religion is he? Maybe he has multiple wives...

~happily in my first (hopefully only) marriage
26? :shock:

Sounds like he likes getting married, not being married.
Or else maybe he's just a playa who likes having sex with many different women, but either his or their beliefs prevent premarital sex.

Or maybe he's a very prolific polygamist.
26 wives??? zOMG...I have not had 26 cars...or 26 telephone numbers...only been married, 26 wives...YIKES! I thought Liz Taylor and Mickey Rooney were First Team All-League with something like 10 and 13 marriages each...
Twice for me. 26 is insane.

How does that happen? Propose on the first date?
Once......... I plan on marrying the one I'm with now. But 26 is nuts.
LOL 26!! How does he afford all those women!! That's a lot of shoes!!
Twice for me. 26 is insane.

How does that happen? Propose on the first date?

Josh.....I learned something new about Can't believe that never came out during drunk chat....=)
My wife's cousin is about 30 and he's been married and divorced 8 times. No joke.
He either:
1) is lying
2) doesn't mean at separate times
3) simply doesn't understand the question, nor that big word you used, "married."

Maybe he thinks you asked how many times he's been "marred." Or "harried." :lol:

Once for me. Ended badly, only because he turned out to be an irresponsible, bi-polar twit.
More than willing to do it one more time...but that would require Dating...and either I've not found any candidates for that, or they've found me...and run off before I even had the chance to spot them!:lol:
My wife's cousin is about 30 and he's been married and divorced 8 times. No joke.

Yes, but in the US a divorce can be very quick. My last one took only 3 weeks between filing the papers and the judge slamming his hammer :)

You guys' responses made me wonder about the whole thing even more than I had before since there are no instant divorces here in France so I just called him and there was a slight problem of language and customs, lol.

First, the word for wives is the same as the word for women and, second, a lot of people never get married here but still talk as if they were (to someone like me anyway, who doesn't get all the subtleties, yet) so, no, he wasn't actually married to all 26, just living with them in a marital way. :lmao:

But he still told me some more amazing facts. In spite of having had 26 "wives" he's only had 2 kids, both with his first wife. His original mother-in-law lives with him. He is friendly with all 25 next wives (I suggested doing a portrait with all of them...) and so are his 2 kids and mother-in-law. The first wife died very young of some medical condition we didn't talk about. The shortest time living with one of them was 7 months.

He concluded with this: "Women love me but not for very long."

I'm going to work on getting this portrait. Or something.
He concluded with this: "Women love me but not for very long."

THAT is Simply. Awesome.

Oh...and it ain't ALWAYS so easy in the states...mine took over three years!

True. My second wife's divorce was taking so long because the a..hole was not cooperative at all that we started living together before she was divorced.

As for lying, I've known the guy for years because he's done work (he's a stone mason) on my house for ever and the person that gave me his number told me: "Whatever this guy tells you, believe it." Back then I was quite young and dealing with weird stuff on a daily basis so I didn't think about it much until I met him and he introduced himself.

"Hi. I'm so-and-so, I'm the nephew of this-person but you can trust me, I am not him."

My reaction was, of course, what? WHAT?

It turns out his uncle was the brain behind the crime-of-the-century (last century) in France. An amazing bank job if I remember correctly because it meant nothing to me then. I did look into it and it was indeed some amazing story but I don't remember the details.

Anyway, he's a great guy and a great contractor, responsible for the studio I am now in.

No matter how many wives he had.
Jeez! Smoking crack would be a cheaper habit than that guy has!
I've been married twice. The first time for about 3 years. This time for 16. We've been together for 20 now. Can I trade him in?

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