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Jan 17, 2010
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New Zealand
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I submitted the following shots for publication, No.1 made national prime time TV news and also a "readers picture" in the local paper, and a week or so later No.2 was published in the same paper.

A local person saw the shots when pubblished and just by chance came across my other works in a local gallery and through that contact she wants to buy a ready to hang canvas print (a4) sized via the gallery.

Because this print will be pretty much a one off, I dont think I should be releasing a print like this without making decent money off it, I think I should be making at least $60 NZ after costs and gallery fees regardless of the smaller size she has ordered correct?



I think my dilemma here stems from the fact that my other prints make me about a similar amount (usually a little more) on each sale, and that I was approached for an image that I did not have for active sale, so I dont want to scare off a potential client, but I also dont want to release anything to cheap.

I don't have any experience in selling photos, but I do have some past sales/marketing experience.

It has alway been my feeling that consistency pays off. If it were me, I would price the one offs at least as high as your other standard prints, explaining there are higher costs for you associated with one off prints. I think it's reasonable to charge a little more and keep your prices consistently higher for one off prints. It's like any custom work. Take cars for example, you're going to pay more for a one off paint job because it requires more work to complete. I feel if you start giving "deals" the word might spread and before you know it you have several people asking for these one off prints and expecting them at the same deal you gave someone else. And I think you can get away with it easier than some others because you appear to have already made a name for yourself. Heck, you work speaks for itself! I don't think people realize it's not actually a convenience for you to make a one off print for them.

Those are my thoughts, as per your request...
Thanks crimbfighter, some helpful information there, cheers.
Were you using the 300mm F4 for those shots?
I would do the same markup you would (i.e. same profit) if you were selling that size print. I wouldn't think less and if anything I'd charge slightly more as a canvas print is more of a item (for lack of better term) than a standard print.

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