I shot the cutest couple tonight!


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I love people like this! Who are so expressive, outgoing, willing to do anything! Even if they "feel silly"

Anyways, here is ONE of the more funny shots!

Background they are standing in front of a church! They are newly married! haha

Definately makes being a photographer a bit easier when the subjects are more willing to try different things. Haha I await a more expressive subject :lol:
all the subjects that i get, and attempt to shoot i end up throwing the pics out. They usually are stiff, and think doing certain poses is stupid and won't really express themselves. And yes i am talking about the girlfriend, who looks at me saying "you're kidding right?"

It's a nice shot you have there. Funny and looks completely natural. Nice job.
Haha I just looked at this picture again, one word came to mind:

Great captures!

I actually really like the one with the hands in their pockets.
Great shots - certainly can be more fun when the couple is vaguely interested in trying out shots.

I was thinking that the 'hands in the pockets' shot missed the focus mark ever so slightly. It looks like her jeans are sharp, but the ring (which is what I would have been going for), was soft.

Again, good job!

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Love the pose of #1, but the angle is a bit extreme. I don't mind angles, but it seems 'off' to me.

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