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Mar 10, 2007
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My girlfriend, Naomi, passed away last night in a car wreck. Her mother informed today. I was lying here last night, in my bed, and I saw it in my head, I saw her get killed, and I knew it was real, I just knew it. Today my fears were confirmed, and I'm basically a wreck. My entire life was based around her, my entire future was based around her. I just don't even know what to do, how long will it hurt this much?

Rest in peace, Naomi.
October 21, 1989 - January 2, 2008

I miss you, Naomi. I love you.
I'm so sorry to hear that. Best wishes to you and her family.

My deepest condolences are sent out to you and her family.

Please find someone to whom you have confidence with and talk about your grief.
Thank you. I'm trying to get through this, but everything reminds me of her. My music. My room. My laptop. Pieces of her are everywhere. I just hope she knew how much I love her.
One cannot contest when you are called to move on. They move on to a better place, but we are left mourning.

I know that right now it may not seem this way, but in time your pain will lessen and then pass, and only your love will remain. I believe you are still very young and I have one thought for you... if it was you that was called, would you wish that your friends and loved ones spent their days in mouring and pain, or would you rather that they celebrated and honored you as they continued in their life's journey, keeping the best of you with them at all times?

Remember your shared memories and the best of times with fondness and find peace and strength within yourself. I feel that is the best way you can honor her.

It is so hard when we lose someone that has spent some good measure of time on this earth... but it is always hard to try to understand why someone so young is taken away from us.

My condolences to you and her family and friends.
So sorry for your loss, the first thing you need to do is grieve, healing is a process.
If it helps at all, I believe that when people pass, they may be gone in a physical sense. However they live in your heart for as long as you want them to. We always talk about "carrying" the people you've lost in your heart, then they are never spiritually gone, and are always with you.
Very sorry to hear this. *hugs* Don't know what to say, but you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
:hug:: I'm so sorry to hear that. I wish there was something I could say to make the pain go away. :hug::
I'm very sorry for your loss.

We've all had loved ones pass on us unexpectedly.

I had a friend commit suicide. Couldn't find him, we called the police, and 3 days later, they found him underneath his couch with a gunshot wound in his head.

Hit us all like a ton of bricks.

Jerry is right, when I think of Stu, I don't think about the loss, but of his life. Someday, you'll think of Naomi in the same way, you'll remember her life, not her death.

Hang in there.
damn, thats horrible news. I'm at a loss for words.

Grieve, pick yourself up, find someone to talk to, then be strong. We are all here for you
I wish I could buy you a beer... but I've got to get up for work in 4 hours.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Surround yourself with family and friends and you'll make it thru. :hugs:
So sorry brother, can't imagine the pain you must be processing. I hope there is someone that can be with you to support you through such a difficult experience. Reach out, even if that is not your style, and if this forum is all you have right now, we are totally here for you. :hugs:


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