In the market, as it were (XTi v D80 q's)

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Jazzhoodlum, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Hello all. I recently have majorly caught the photography bug. I've been intrested my whole life, and did it mostly casually. Recently with a little more time on my hands i picked my old film SLR up and totally went photo crazy. SO i'm developing my talents right now, but plan on getting serious quickly.
    Which brings me to my question. I'm shopping for a digital SLR, i've only gotten so far, reading reviews online etc, so i figured i'd talk to people. What i've narrowed my choices to are
    the Canon XTi, and the Nikon D80.
    i've gotten to use the XTi a bit from a friend, and was quite impressed, but i've heard wonderful things about the D80. I'm going to be doing a bit of traveling (India/North africa etc) so the sensor cleaning on the XTi looks very tempting, as well as the lighter weight. Also money is a factor for me. And the D80 is a good chunk cheaper. So is it really worth it for the extra few hundred, or should i go with the XTi, and get another lense or two with the money i saved?

    p.s sorry for the length, thanks for sticking with me :)

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    I haven't even read this but all i can say is you will find very few people who can give you an objective view between manufacturers on a forum as most people shoot one or "the other". Best bet is to hit a camera store with a knowledgable salesperson, handle the cameras, think about it and go back for the purchase (however, make sure the salesperson gets the 'credit' ;) )

    Best of luck!

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