Just a few shots of some sisters I photographed at the beginning of the spring.


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Jul 23, 2013
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These two were wonderful to work with, very energetic, excited, and they actually practiced posing before the shoot. Hope you all enjoy and C&C is very welcome!


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cute young ladies. I would call #2 a keeper although it does have some issues... #4 has that glaring blown highlight, and #3 has some very harsh shadows, and I don't think the framing is optimal. #1.. desaturation (basically selective color) gives her gruesome skin tones.
I like the expression in 1, but not a fan of the selective color she appears as the living dead. I like the framing in 2, I also think its the best of the set. On 3 I think the crop is too tight to the right and of course the blown highlights also her hair slightly blends with bark. I like 4 but the lighting is a bit harsh.

Thanks for posting, take my noob words as a grain of salt.

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