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Feb 4, 2008
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Oklahoma City, OK
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Picked up a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 and teleconverter and wanted to go out and use it. Figured nature would be a good test run so I headed out. Walked around one of the many local lakes in central Oklahoma through the woods and saw nothing, sat near a backwater area, nothing. So I gave up decided that birds have to be easy.

Not so much. They're like every other animal.... they seem to fly away when you're around. Needless to say I took like 15 pics and I'll spare you guys the one of the turtle buroughing itself in the ground and the ones of the geese. Here are the only two bird ones that came out decent.

I have no idea how you guys go out and get close enough to birds to get these photos.... especially the ones of bald eagles and such.

Both were these settings: 280mm (factoring tc), 1/1000s, f/5.6, ISO 800


Decent shots. (a bit yellow, maybe)

I'm with you. Bird shots are TOUGH.
They are both pretty good shots. I like the first one the best because of the birds pose.

I know what you mean about not finding any animals. I have days where I walk around for five hours and not see a single animal then the next day I'll go out and there and see tons of animals everywhere, and usually I never have my camera with me those days haha.
Patience and luck, without a doubt.

For me, the key is putting yourself in a position to get them, and waiting for the shot to come to a particular area. If you just wait for a bird to land and try to get the shot, you'll be disappointed more often than not. Of course it is possible to get shots that way, but it takes experience. You have to set up the shot beforehand (lighting and exposure) and wait for the bird to enter the shot. That is where the patience comes in. Getting the right bird, that is luck.

I didn't start getting good shots until I figured all that out.

I'll add this, don't underestimate the length of the lens that you need to get good bird shots. I shoot mine with a 400mm and i'm always suprised at how close I still need to be to frame the birds.

And get to know your subject. There won't be much point in sitting on a particular perch trying to get a shot of a hawk when the hawks don't visit that area or they are wintering elsewhere.
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Cute post. Cute pics. (Wonderful greens! :D)

And it so reminds me of my own "bird saga" which was issued right here on this very photography forum, a while ago, a Saga In Four Parts:



Part_3 and


:mrgreen: Have fun reading through it, you will see that you have my full understanding!

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