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Dec 16, 2007
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Glendale, CA
Hi so i bought my 30D and i want to get a lens now. I already made a post about this but i decided i dont want to spend over 200 dollars for a lens that can see things far away. I looked at the canon ef 75-300 but i hear the image quality is not good i also was thinking about the canon ef 100-300 i heard that has a better picture quality. I dont know if there is an older lens that is better than those that i can buy for cheap or what


I used the 75-300 Mark III i believe it was. Was showing a coworker how to use it with his XT. Not a terrible lens, just lacks the frills and whistles that would make it decent. Hence the $180 price tag. It takes photos, but really up to you if it matches the standards you want image quality wise. It is soft wide-open so stopping it down will improve its performance. Already a f4-5.6, it unfortunatley becomes an extremely slow lens at f/8 -11 that requires either a flash or a lot of natural light to obtain any usable shutter speed. You can jack-up the ISO also but than things can get noisy. With the 30D you should get decent results up to ISO 800.
I had the Canon 100-300 USM and enjoyed it. Definitely not L quality but it is a decent lens. A little soft wide open and at the long end of the zoom. USM AF was very nice and fast.

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