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Sep 10, 2010
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Hello guys, I want to present my first HDR picture

What do you think about this picture?
i think it has halos and might be a bit overprocessed.
i also think that the powerline, or whatever that is, is unfortunately distracting.

were you going for the cartoony hdr look, or was there good reason to hdr this shot?
just curious.

you may get more useful info in the hdr forum as well.
Well the main reason for hdr-ing this photo was that I wanted to test a HDR software and I was curious to see the result. And about the powerline, when I tooked this photo I've didn't noticed it :D
The powerline would be a very simple clone in Photoshop. And about the halo, i like halos, but most people dont...
The motive and composition is nice. The powerline is indeed distracting and the halos and the overall processing for me are too much. Also, you might want to straighten out the "backwards bending" church tower.
I'm not a fan.

I dont like how the tops of the church kind of mesh in with the clouds. HDR for me is about pulling out detail in a scene that has a high dynamic range. In this image, the top of the church doesnt have much detai. It goes from a darkish greyish mass up top to more saturated and bright colours (trees and yellow). The green of the trees are not consistent, from bright on the bottom to murky grey up top. I dont like the halos either.

Composition wise its not bad. I see a lamp post or something in the lower right of the frame that looks a bit odd...the fact that its cut as it is makes me think you should either include more or none. I dont mind the tree in the front, gives the image a kind of "hidden church" feel.

This is just not the type of HDR that I like. If you were going for the cartoony look, then push it more and make it obvious that is what you are doing. This middle ground between real and cartoon is just odd to me.

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