Nature portrait

More woman, less nature. Since she's looking back at the camera, there's no need for all of the empty space image right, and therefore, this could have easily (should have?) been shot in portrait orientation vice landscape. When you're doing this sort of 'over the shoulder' pose try and avoid having the subject turn so far that it forces the iris all the way to one side; ideally a bit of sclera should be visible on either side. I do like the way you've framed her with the shrubbery, but I think the two bits dangling into her hair should go.
.. what could I've done to improve this shot?
Is this a snapshot of a stranger? If so, it's not bad.

If your model is someone you know, and wish to make a better portrait of her, then you should not be afraid to offer a bit of direction. The model cannot see what you see through the viewfinder, so it is up to you to make suggestions as to where to stand, which way to turn, where to look, how to pose, etc.
Thank you both. That's why I've posted here, to know how to improve following your comments.
She's not a stranger and we'll do it again to make it better.
My principal concerns now are the posing and framing, have to learn more and more about it.

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