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Apr 5, 2009
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just getting rid of some stuff i dont use. i would like to sell/trade the whole lot. as follows:

1). micro nikkor 55mm 1:3.5(32)...#855231******this lens is sold****
2). nikkor 35mm 1:2.8(22)...#861929
3). nikkor 105mm 1:2.5(22)...#811767
4). nikon pk-3...27.5***sold***
5). nikon fe camera. blk&silver...works good
6). nikon md-12 motor drive..locks up. does not work
7). minolta 7000i camera
8). sigma 60-200mm af 1:4-5.6***this lens is sold***
9). minolta maxxum 50mm af 1:1.7(22)....*this lens has been sold*
10). minolta auto 220x flash
11). minolta maxxum 3200i flash

Iwill take 180.00 shipped or trade for a decent lens for my Canon xsi camera....thanks









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I you plan on separating the things let me know
does the Nikon FE come with a lens or did you separate that out in your listing? also, "works good" is too vague of a description of its condition. could you elaborate more? are you willing to sell that item separately?
What lenses do you already have for your XSi?

The whole lot looks somewhat apealing to me, I might have to go through and see if I have any deasent EF lenses that you don't already have. I might also consider the price tag if I don't have any thing or more worthwile tradewise.
all of that for 180? wow so cheap
i think that 180.00 is a really good deal for someone still interested in this stuff. the nikon camera does work well and is very clean. i prefer to get rid of the whole lot all at once but i am not opposed to breaking it up. the micro nikkor is an especially good lens. the stuff is dusty as it has been sitting for a while. i am looking for a nice macro lens for my xsi. so far i only have the 18-55 kit lens and a 70-300. would really like a 60mm macro but thats reaching.
3 of the nikon lenses in my add have metal lens hoods. you are welcome to inspect the goods..i am easy to get along with. i tried to get a price quote or a store credit from Adorama but they are not currently purchasing used stuff.
the 700i camera works as well. the only thing that does not work is the nikon md motor drive. if enough people express interest in purchasing this stuff individually, i will work up a price list...however im sure it will be more than 180.00....let me know and thanks......
I'd be interested in the 35mm f/2.8 and the 105 f/2.5
im still trying to figure out how to post some pics.......i just downloaded them to photobucket. cant figure out how to get them to this site.

Replace the curly braces { } with square brackets [ ]

You might try PhyreFile instead, which is very clean and straight-forward to use.
Do those lens all work on your D40? Are they AF or M focus?
dont have a d40...they are nikon manual lenses and +sigma and minolta autofocus which are mounted on a minolta 7oooi camera...........i have recruited some help to get these pics posted, bear with me...jim
by the way...i worked out a pricelist for this stuff to be sold separately and its around 450.00........and i really was lowballing on the individual pricing. someone must need this stuff for 180.00..its a really good deal. hopefully my pics will be up tonite.
gordie...its yours for 4o.oo shipped in bubblewrap. just to clarify...minolta maxum af 50mm..1:1.7 (22).. made in japan. works fine and is very clean. let me know via email.

[email protected]

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