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Feb 2, 2005
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location, location
this weekend at the zoo, me and nicole came across these two bald eagles that had been wounded by something...
they could not fly, but were still majestic...

i had to take a shot, (or 30..) and apologies to Raymond, i SO can not come close to your calibur......but i keep trying...;)



oh, and my pitiful excuse of framing just didnt do this magnificent bird
justice, so i left them just pictures..i didnt photoshop them or anything.

anything i did, seemed to be a disgrace....:blushing:

i think this guy and God pretty much did all that was necessary...
thanks ya'll for bearing with me... i just like eagles...
hey, these are nice april, what have i told you about talking yourself down!!.... well considering you were refering to raymond thats ok.... i have to talk myself down when im looking for rays approval :lol: ...... these are good tho april especially having not been through ps..... (ps does ALOT for you when it comes to wildlife photog), good job i rekon. ;)
Wonderful captures of a regal bird, Raven. Have no fear, you did him justice all right.
oooh...thanks anty....love it...and thanks for your compliment..(your check is in the mail...!!)

angel...your such a sweetie..thank you for your comments..
sweet captures AR! high time we start seeing more of your posts :mrgreen:
thanks for sharing these :)
thanks mansi...if i was even close to your capabilites, i would be all over this....
to some of ya'll...this comes easy....to me, nah, my natural eye is blind and belongs on the darkside...!!

thanks again mansi...missed ya, glad your back out...shooting people....( boy, that sounds bad, huh??)
These are really cool shots April. The first one is amazing. Nice stuff girl.
Love your eagles! WOW!

Great detail in the little fella! He was such a GQ eagle ... was he not?!?

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