Positive vibes and prayers are needed please


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Nov 26, 2005
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Buffalo, NY
I havent mentioned anything yet for fear of jinxing the situation...

Vickie complained of not being able to hear out of her right ear earlier this week.

Bill took her in to see the ped and he confirmed that she for now) has total hearing loss in her right ear.

He said she has a LOT of wax buildup and that COULD be the cause. He gave us drops to put in her ear this week and she has a follow up this afternoon.

Guys she still cant hear today. I talked with my mom yesterday since she is partly deaf as well. Mom is missing a small bone in her ear and my uncle is also missing a bone. Apparently its genetic and is inherited.

My little sister had tubes in her ears as a toddler and it helped her, but Im not sure that tubes will be the answer for Vickie. Im REALLY REALLY hoping that its just wax buildup that can be removed.. Dr will try to remove it today but I have a gut feeling that surgery will somoehow creep into our discussion of solutions.

Vickie is such a loving and bright little girl. She doesnt deserve to be both deaf and practically blind!
I know that each situation is either somewhat or totally fixable but still she doesnt deserve this.
Good luck Shelley,

I hope everything turns out good for her. FWIW, I had lots of ENT problems as a kid and had grommets, adenoids, tonsils etc. all within the space of a year. I made it through fine and it's so common that the doctors are really good with all the techniques. Hopefully a rinse with warm water will sort everything out.

Have some good vibes from the UK anyway!!


Nothing but best wishes and positive vibes for Vickie and also for you and your family. :goodvibe:

:heart: Remember children are amazingly resilient. :) If you're positive, she will be as well.

Hope things go well today, sending lots of good vibes and good thoughts...
Best of luck! We've done the ear tubes and just recently a tonsil and adenoidectomy and it's made a world of difference for our son. It never seems fair for children to be faced with such issues, but it never ceases to amaze me how resiliant they are and how much I have learned from watching my children face a difficult situation.

I hope you get good news today!
No one deserve that, and therefor I send you love and warm thoughts from Norway. I really hope that everything turns out good for the little one, and her family.

aww man i hope things work out for you guys :(
give her hugs from our side...
wishes and prayers right with you :hugs:
Good vibes being sent your way from The Great White North, Shelley. Here's hoping you get good news!! :hugs:

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