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Dec 2, 2010
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Galveston, Tx
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hey guys here are some pics i took while we went walking around Houston. tell me what you think :D



Garbage, but you already knew that, right?
Garbage, but you already knew that, right?

Way to encourage the OP and help them grow as a photographer.


1 is nice and sharp, but the subject and whatever is in her mouth doesn't do it for me. This also is hurt by landscape orientation.

2 Is more of a serious photo. I am not the fan of selective coloring, as well as the tilted horizon. But your subject is posed in a flattering way compared to photo 1.

3 Is probably the weakest out of all of them. She's too close to the edge of the frame, and the background is very distracting. She's also in a ridiculous pose, facing out of the frame towards the side closest to her.
^ what Tyler said! #2 is the only keeper.. and especially if you lose the hokey processing! Pretty girl... make her the subject, not some stupid photoshop trick!
Garbage, but you already knew that, right?

Seems pretty harsh...looked like the OP was having some fun, and posted a couple of whimsical shots...far above the standard for being called "garbage"...
I agree with just about all Tyler had to say.

No. 1: First impression (before scrolling down) was that the colors were really popping. Then I saw the green thing (leaf, maybe)... eh. It doesn't look purposeful, and like she forgot to brush her teeth. Just not flattering. Other than that, I don't hate the landscape orientation. It's been one of the rules/guidelines I've always had issues with ;)

No. 2: Not bad! Maybe my monitor is just sucky, but I didn't notice the selective coloring. I'm assuming it's her eyes? Either way, I dig this one... save for the tilted horizon (but that's an easy fix in post. And not hard to do SOOC next time!).

No. 3: The background is distracting, and the composition just isn't working.

I like that you went for the fun shots and not just serious, demure portraits. Keep practicing, this isn't a bad start!
OK can we ignore the Garbage comment that jwbryson made and get on with giving the OP something he can use and not turn this into yet another argument please.

My take is that, from the thread title - yes this girl looks like a cutie pie, but the poses? Come on....sure having fun etc etc, but these are snapshots - not portraits as what many of us on here call portraits. In that sense, these are not posed or planned.

Now, that first one, if you took that hamburger pickle out of her mouth, it could be a great shot.
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last photo I wanted to photoshop something next to her.... OOOOOOoooohh. bad schwetty... bad! Dirty mind.
Oh, c'mon, I'm busting the guy's balls. I thought he was joking with the crap hanging out of her mouth in the first image. I never suspcted he actually wanted real feedback on these shots.
I never suspcted he actually wanted real feedback on these shots.

tell me what you think :D

Really? The thought never crossed your mind, huh?

Actually, honestly, no. We've all see photos posted on here that ask for C&C and then the OP posts some silly photo that gets slammed. It's happened a million times. That's what my gut reaction was to this post. My comment really went to the first image and not to the later images which don't include the food--does the OP really think that it's nice to see somebody with food hanging out of their mouth? I thought it was a juvenile post and I responded in kind. If I was wrong, well then I apologize.
You judged the 3 photos by only looking at the first one? Nice. Takes real skill and effort to do that!

I don't know what the OP thinks about people having a pickle sticking out of their mouth, that's probably why they posted it for C&C... You know, to get actual feedback and opinions. Not to have their photos judged and then written off by someone who looked as far as the first photo and then deemed it was "garbage."

If we see something questionable or juvenile in one of your photo posts, do we then reserve the same right to tell you that it's "Garbage, but you already knew that, right?"

It probably wouldn't feel so great to have that be the first response to one of your photo posts, eh?

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