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Apr 19, 2012
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Fort Worth, TX
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I was messing around with my new 6d and the EOS remote app. Decided to set it up for a quick one light self portrait. This is taken with an 85mm 1.8 @f1.8. One light is raised and on my right side.

self-1 by billross77, on Flickr
Pretty sharp at 1.8
Hey--turned out pretty good!!! Sweet new camera Bill!
how you liking that 6d? Pic looks decent.
I Love the camera. The image quality and rate if shots in focus is amazing.
I like the image; if you'd chosen a better background this would have been a great self-portrait!
Not too concerned with the background. I was just messing around in my office.
This is great, and I like the fact that it's just in your office. I - and I'm really not an expert - think it could be fabulous if you could gently tone down the vertical highlight towards the right. Some light there helps balance but at the moment it pulls my eyes away from yours.

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