Recent Boutique Fashion shoot for Advertisement.

Hmmm... I like the images ('though I think the 'foot flash' in #1 might be a tough strong), but I'm not sure that I see these as clothing advertisement images, especially in #1 where the dress actually appears to be slightly under-exposed and in both, the background has a lot of sharply focused detail which draws the eye's attention from the subject.
I love the concept, and the location. Your poses are great as well. They seem unpolished. #1 is underexposed and the OCF is angled at the wrong spot. I would never angle near the crotch. I probably would have angled more toward the belt area to get more of the outfit exposed. Her legs look very cyanotic (lack of oxygen) in #2. I would just bump the exposure a bit on that as well. Do you own Portraiture software? If not it would be a great investment for you to polish things up in the end, especially for shoots such as this.
Yeah, these pictures appear to be mainly trying to sell me some walls, but there's this girl in the way so I can't really get a good look at the walls.

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