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Repost maybe... but I WANT ONE!


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Nov 30, 2011
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McKinney TX
In fact, I just ordered one. Novel ideal i must say... haha!

I've got one that looks like a 70-200mm F4 L.

I got a mug one or two Christmas's ago.... Still using it, it's great.

However, the lid is a bit annoying to get on and off. Maybe they redesigned.
make sure the IS is on so you dont spill.
I got one as an Xmas gift from a friend, and then went on eBay checking out what else was there. Got me similar short zoom one that has a removable hood and lens cover, its not insulated, suggested use is for holding pencils. Had to get the white lens mug model too, it even came with a pouch with Canon printed on it. Neato toys!

I checked eBay just the other day and now someone is offering a Canon zoom lens mug that actually zooms! Quite a bit more pricey that the ones that I got, think it was around $28.00. The two I got with postage were only around $21.00. Too bad I don't drink coffee, but they are great conversation pieces.
That is hilarous! Love it! Not a coffee drinker though...

...you don't NEED to drink coffee out of it. It also works well for any number of liquids.
I've found that it's a great conversation piece when among photographers, but the humor is lost on most everyone else.

My mother-in-law said "That's a pretty cool coffee mug, does it have a radio in it?" :roll:
Lol yea, my family will get a hoot outta it. Specially my wife since I just bought a new lens... I'll just tell her im baller like that since i can just pour liquids into it and drink out of it. :lol:

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