Sekonic/SB600's and Alienbees


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Jan 24, 2009
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I have been away for a while (Uncle Sam called!) but now i am back with new toys!

Quick question I have 2 Alienbee's and i am using my Nikon SB600 as my background light what i have been doing is:

D300 in commander mode
SB600 in slave mode
Just letting the bee's use their light sensor

We'll i wanted to get a bit more serious so i just got a Sekonic L-358 and I am reading up on how to use it.

So to my question: If i keep everything the same and just trip the SB600 with the test button on the back (that should trip my bees too) will the light meter correctly? By tripping the SB with the test mode there shouldn't be any pre-flashes to mess up my metering, right?

What do you think?
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Correct - when you trip the flash with the red button on the back there should be no pre-flashes (As an aside, you have a typo; the SB600 will be in slave mode, it is not Commander-capable).
rgr, thanks! i will post some test shots when i get done.

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