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    So i need to create a SLIDESHOW of pictures i have in a folder.
    Easy? what's the catch, i need the slideshow to monitor changes in the folder, that is if i add or remove pictures it needs to be refreshed.

    I found

    which does what i need but i would have to hit the F5 button to refresh it.

    a) how do you go about have the same slideshow on multiple screens but each screen starts on a seperate queue?
    i.e Screen #1 begins on pic 1
    Screen #2 begins on pic 18
    Screen #3 begins on pic 39

    b) is there any slideshow transitions effects?

    c) is there a way to MONITOR the folder file changes and keep the slideshow refresh with the newest pictures being added to the folder without having to interrupt the show or by pressing F5 to manually refresh it? can we do a manually refresh every 5secs let's say?

    Can anyone find a software that would meet ANY of my requirements?



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