Snow Day


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Dec 14, 2003
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New years day, we had a treat to some good ol snow, so off I ventured for a walk
One of my fave places...the bluffs...

Morningside Park near the valley

Under one of the trees.

My favorite tree in the city.

Another shot of the bluffs

Finally the storm as it made its way out over the lake. What I thought was neat was the 4 different textures on the ground.:)
Sweet shots. I remember that place, the view from the bluff and all.
Fantastic series Chiller,

I love # 2 with the subdued lighting on the snow in the foreground then as the eye trails further away the spot of light on the snow combined makes it feel sureal.

I like # 5 as well. Great job overall, I just love winter.
2 is my favorite as well... and I also love that tree by the bench! How unique..
Very nice - arent you lucky to live there - but could you change the snow to white as it looks a bit dirty!
Thanks everyone for your comments. Appreciate it.
Ken..might have been the snow that was fallin that caused that. ...not sure. These are pretty much out of the camera with all the same WB.
In the last pic the snow had stopped by then. The first and last were taken a few minutes apart.
Thanks again.
Great pics indeed:thumbup:
My favs must be 1 and 2.
#2 and #3 are nice. the first and 5th appear rather dark and maybe slightly off with the whitebalance, not sure (sitting in front of my laptop).

send some snow over :) ... we have ice on the roads, but no snow on the ground :(
Thanks again. can have all the snow ya want. :lol::lol: It can be nice at times, and a pain in the royal you know what sometimes.
First one for me 'cos the the darkening of the sky in the distance, all great shots.

Sooo much better than my winter shots - what setup did you use for the Morningside Park shot?
I love #2 Chiller. Great series! I wish it would snow here... we have the cold, might as well have the snow too. It never will though :(
Nice series, Chiller! I like 'em all, but especially the last 3. That location with the tree and bench looks like a great spot to sit and think.The second last shot reminds me of the creek near where I grew up. And the last one, with the four varying ground surfaces, and the ominous sky, is quite striking.
A winter with snow. Looks like quite a bit of a priviledge to me. We have not been granted this special winter beauty as yet.
I so like the second photo with its view right through that ... hmmm, could it be an orchard? Ah well, maybe not, maybe it's "just" a park and a footpath which can no longer be seen.

And the "leaning tree" which looks like it wants to overhear everything that might be spoken (or even whispered?) among two on that bench, is lovely. I would adopt that one (in my mind), too, if I were anywhere near that tree! :D

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