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Oct 19, 2012
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Littleton, Colorado
Father of the bride helped me set up the light. Put my speedlite in a ziploc bag, set the settings.. ready to go. I brought a big umbrella too. Went and grabbed the bride and groom.. bride didnt want to be in the rain. UGH!

She blew it!
By the way, where's the flash, inside the umbrella?
This is quite an amazing shot. I am glad that you actually took a picture. The brode should have done this. It would have looked magical. Dad look boss here. Its so cinematic. Great work Robin.
really a cool idea... now could you please tell this newbie how you did that?
I like the second edit. It has a moodier feeling to it.
different edit.


Personally I liked the original better. This takes away from the background which is what I think gave this shot the great mood. Cool that you posted this though as I was wondering how a bw take would look.
Man I have wanted to take this very same shot for the last year, I have managed to go out twice with people i was photographing at the time and both times the rain stopped as we setup Is there a light up in the umbrella itself. that was my thought on doing it was a flash on low in the umbrella then a flash behind the subject. At least now I know that it's possible. I kinda like the color version myself. it adds to the photo for me. just seems to lose something in B&W. If I had any nitpicks it would just wished the dad could have had the handle over just a little bit more to not block his face. love the photo though Robin.
That's a really good shot.

How did you get the flash to fill so much of the surrounding area without him being completely washed out? Is it diffused underneath?
that is B.A. bride missed out for sure!

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