Tree is down.


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Apr 13, 2012
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I finished taking my tree down.

This is the place where the tree stood.

DSC_0002 - Version 2.jpg

This is most of the wood that I cut today except for the large crotch that my friend wanted.

DSC_0004 - Version 2.jpg

(edit) Yes, I see the difference in color, but I think I can chalk it up to the stump being in direct sun, and the logs are in shade.
That looks like some good firewood. Just let it dry out first.
It certainly will be good firewood. Ash is one of the best. The English kings used to claim all the ash for themselves. Unfortunately, I have no use for it. A man is coming to pick it up.
You say your friend already picked up the crotch section; sounds like he's a woodworker.
Yes. He turns them into bowls. He came to pick up the large crotch right after I called him.

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