Underwater Photography?


I bought one of those casings for my camera once when we took a diving trip to jenny springs in florida. The ikelite(i think it was) was as water tight as you can get, but the pictures were horrible. I believe it was a disposable camera you put in it.Fuzzy. just fuzzy. still have the case though. maybe that helps you?

I'm actually looking at an Ikelite case for my little Olympus point-and-shoot digital camera. By "modern" standards, my little digital cam is getting old (only 1.3 mega pixel), but I'd still rather not take it for a swim unless it is going to stay dry!

I am off for a trip to Cancun in a little over a week and it would be great to take digital underwater shots. I have a cheap underwater camera now that does ok...but imagine the extra quality and QUANTITY of taking my digital cam down with me!

I know what you mean! Even though my pictures came out fuzzy..I still have them because its my only way of remembering that time. So i guess If I hadnt taken pictures at all...I wouldnt have remembered all the fun times.

good luck!


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