1. M

    Minolta 7000 Maxxum

    Hey there, I found a Minolta 7000 Maxxum that belonged to my father in the basement. I attempted to replace the 4-AAA batteries and the 1-2016 internal battery. I camera has power but the shutter does not work or move. Also, the camera does not grab the film like it is supposed to when I attempt...
  2. K

    Help needed ISO SUPER 8

    I recently acquired a super 8 camera. I bought film and was ready to go. I re read my cameras manual and found out it recommends 25 40 100 or 160 iso film. Well i bought 200 iso. Will it work? Also since these iso films are less common and harder to develop i was just going to buy a better...
  3. A

    Inconsistent Gaps between neg frames

    Recently after developing my film some of the gaps between my frames are uneven. I am using a mamiya rb67 pro s and im assuming its something wrong with the pressure plate. Any advice or input on what else it could be? thanks!
  4. M

    Yashica Quartz FX-D mirror stuck

    Hi! I took a photo with my Yashica Quartz FX-D and the mirror never came down. The wind on lever is stuck and won't move forward and although I can push the capture button down, no picture is taken. The mirror is definitely not stuck up because it's gummy, I took it to the repair shop and...
  5. M

    Fog / strong vingette in film shots?

    Hi all I'm developing some rolls. A few photos are affected by a small spot of fog in the center of the frame as well as some others having the exposure completely shift in the photo. Any thoughts on why/how this is happening? Thank you!!
  6. M

    Kodak Ultramax 400 - Green and Murky

    I've recently invested in a Canon EOS 50e film camera. I shot through my first roll of (fresh) Kodak Ultramax 400 on aperture priority, not using any exposure compensation, and got them developed and scanned by a third party. I'm disappointed with how my images (see below) have come out. They...
  7. Sydney Angione

    New to Film - Random specific inquiry lol

    So a few years ago my father passed and I recently stumbled across his Cannon FTb. I took some photography courses in school and really enjoyed it so I figured I'd give it a shot - I never had used film just digital. I know some what about iso and over/under exposure but it's been a few years so...
  8. A

    Help Needed - Cyanotype Chemicals spilled on Film negatives

    Hello all, I’m a print artist that works with cyanotype. I share a small darkroom with my partner, who is a film photographer. I have a small emergency, and I’m not sure if anyone has come across this issue before, but some of my cyanotype chemicals came in contact with my partner’s film. We...
  9. rachel45116

    35mm Film Advice

    Hi there! I have a Canon EOS 1000F film camera. I have always had no problem taking pictures with this beginner's basic camera. I have been taking my film to the same place for developing. However, an entire roll of film I just got back appears to be really underexposed (that's what I'm thinking...
  10. Abel Hobert

    Timestamp on my SLR?

    I just found my old Promaster 2000PK Super Manual with a Promaster Spectrum 7 lens. I haven't used it in forever, but there is still film in it. I put down the hobby of photography originally because I was too young to get everything out of it, so I told myself I would wait til I was older and...
  11. H

    Rebel 2000 Pop Up Flash Not Firing

    I have been looking around to find a solution to my problem. I have not been able to find any information on any Canon camera that has been of any use. I'm asking here to see if anyone can give some ideas as to my problem. I am also very new to photography. I have only been shooting film for the...
  12. marcookie

    Re-introducing myself after some 2 years

    Dear forum users, after years of up and downs, the passion for photography is back as it never was. Hopefully here to last. Is great to be out there in the nature again and create some original work. The spark that ignited everything is the concept, the slow pace, the limitations, and the...
  13. A

    Canon EOS100 (Elan) Battery Help

    Hi! TL;DR my film camera takes a 2CR5 6v Lithium battery and since the first one died out, none of the batteries from multiple brands work. Help!! This is kind of a long post. I'm new here. A year and some months ago I got a Canon EOS 100 film camera at a used camera store in Glasgow (I...
  14. valynka

    A little invasion of privacy

    bowie-action sampler by Valentina Roldán, on Flickr
  15. P

    How to achieve 60s color photography look?

    Hello! I'm a film photographer looking to recreate the look of early color photography from the 50s/60s The best way to describe it is high contrast, grainy, and colorful. Album covers from the 50s (attached) have this look. Is this technicolor? (1950's Album Covers) How can it be recreated...
  16. A

    Question about Minolta Freedom 35AF/QD

    Hi, I'm new here so I apologize if this isn't where this question belongs... I recently purchased a Minolta Freedom 35AF/QD from eBay. The camera is in near perfect shape. My question is in regards to the auto-flash feature. On the front of the camera, there is a sliding button for flash/no...
  17. I

    Ikoflex heritage - forgotten pellicule

    Dear all, I just enherited an Ikoflex camera that belonged to my late grandfather. Upon following a tutorial to see how the loading mechanism works and opening the back, I found a piece of (ripped?) film. Can you please tell me if the film is still usable? Or might there be undeveloped...
  18. E

    Question on which Olympus camera to buy.

    Hello! I asked this on Reddit, but I figured I’d ask here as well. I am a very amateur film photographer as I’m just getting started, but I’ve been researching on which film cameras to use in general and also something that would last me for a long time, and I read up on the Olympus OM-1 camera...
  19. Kschmid

    Creating a vintage feel

    This might go in another section but I'll ask it here. I have two film cameras and what I want to create it that 70's /80's feel to my pictures. If possible I'd like to do this without the help of aperture of photoshop. Now the question is, can I buy a certain type of film that will do this...
  20. LouisRG

    An Old Russian Tank - Zenit E

    Good evening everyone! Last week I bought a Zenit-E from my local junk shop. Being new to film cameras, I knew a few things to check (winding mechanism, shutter etc.) and they were all right, but I neglected a few things. One of those was the Selenium Cell Light sensor - as far as I know mine...