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A Dozen Self-Portraits. Critique. (56k=death)

Trenton Romulox

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Mar 10, 2007
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Hey, I just got a SB-800 flash unit, so I decided to set it up off my camera and try my hand at some self-portraits. I've never really done self-portraits like this before so be gentle, okay? Actually, don't be gentle at all, let it rip, let it go, and just unleash your most harsh critique upon me. Thanks for looking.













Hardcore critique is not only welcomed, but appreciated. Thanks for looking.
Looks like you haven't got an umbrella yet.

Don't worry you will learn quickly.
Damn straight I haven't. I was going for harsh lighting.
If I am your friend I would kid around and say "nice try looking bad ass." But since I'm not I probably won't get away with it alive. :>

I just have one tip, when you want to do side lighting, try to have both eyes lighted, even if you want one side shadowy.
I like eleven the best. Try not to put your hand on your mouth or chin so much.
I like eleven the best. Try not to put your hand on your mouth or chin so much.

Thanks for the reply.

People, people, there's a reason with the hand on chin thing...
I have a beastly pimple on my chin at the moment and wanted to try self-portraits as I have no model at my dispense tonight to get into portraiture with, so, to save myself more embarrassment than just showing pictures of me online, I covered my chin. Secret's out. :p
Those are an easy brush out in photoshop though.

#4 is pretty cool. I like the backgrounds. Where did you take these? It looks like a cellar, or a villains secret underground layer
jajaja i knew there was something going on with the hand-chin thing... as u said, if u're looking for harsh lighting then u got it fine in some pics...

must say i love the last one, how do u got it??
I think you should try a set without your watch and necklace and especially without the hand covering your face, which makes most of these worse than they would have been without it.

The white t-shirt works well with the darkness.
Less is more sometimes. Pick a few of your best for critique.

Compositionally, I think #10 is the best. A bounce card would have given more definition and detail, showing a jaw line and hopefully tone down the left ear.

#8 is impactful and I like it but would prefer a more off center compo.

#9 - the right thumb and left ear look weird.

#11 - only having two fingers on the left hand looks weird.

#4 is quite good but something is amiss. The light areas left of head (your left) and the crop of the elbows, I think.

#12 - you'll go blind!

That's my random thoughts.
haha.. I was also one of the person who noticed the hand on chin thing. not bad shots though :)
haha.. I was also one of the person who noticed the hand on chin thing. not bad shots though :)

Yeah, and now my chin is all scarred today, so I guess I'll have to hold off on more self-portraits for a while. I have a hard enough time standing in front of a camera without having to hide more blemishes HAHA.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I might get to shoot one of my friends today, so that should be interesting.

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