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Feb 2, 2005
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location, location

guess who is about to hit 12,000 posts??? i am hoping on this thread right here....!!!

Hey Jonmikal.....could it be you????

i am not sure..but i think your close, oh great wizard of the coven...

congrats...and let me ask you....since its your big 12,000...

when you look back at when you started on here, up to now... whats been the most fun?? and what picture of anyone's on here, do you first think of when you think of great shots...? and anyone commenting on here, tell jm of your favorite shot of his you like.....the one who sticks in your mind the most....!!!

luv ya jm...mean it... dont be mad...:p
oh, and jonmikal.... my very favorite is the back of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.....

and the shot of one of your boys with calliopallie in a swimming pool...

and the yellow raincoat person on a bench...
:heart: My love is turning 12,000 today!:lovey:

yeah ... like I'm going to miss out on this one!

It's a good thing we mind the Wizzard, eh?

There are so many of your shots that I just love ... but I'm with Raven on the yellow raincoat one ... and the back of the soldier's head ... you just have a great line of sight and a killer ability to capture the moment, especially with Calliopallie and the kids (that includes the Scoob shots too!)

:hail: <-- that's simply because you used the feeb/spook tactics ... :mrgreen: but here's to your 12k ... and may there be 12k more!
Happy Birthday!
bace, you didn't say what pic you like best of jm's...or maybe there is so many you need to start another thread..???

12,000 posts are a whole lot of pics to pick thru .....( that made no sense..did it??)
Congrats JM!! I'm fairly new to the forum (less than 3 months) and in that time there have been soooo many shots of yours that I have found inspiring and awesome, I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just a few. Not to mention Word Association, where your responses veer off from the expected and absolutely crack me up. I'd say "here's to your next 12,000", but that may be a bit daunting, so let's just say here's to many more of your thoroughly enjoyable posts.
well that's what happens when normally challenged people speak... only the coven understands.
Yeah. I've been a fan of almost everything Jon has posted.

There's a couple I like though. One was in a train station I think. Very simetrical. Very dark and contrasty.

The other was a night time shot of some big pilon looking monuments one with a light out or something.

And then the park bench with Scoob sitting on it (i think).

Yeah. That's all I can think of.
congrats on the 12K...

Its hard to pick favorites... there are some really great column shots from DC that always come to mind... some great museum shots, and i'm with bace on the symmetry train station type shots... :thumbup:
aw... only 2K are from word assoc. you'd still be at 10K... after you get to double digits i'm sure they all kind of blend together... the # of posts i mean, your photos still stand out :thumbup:
Whoa....dude. 12000. Thats a lot of typin. :lmao:
I cant pic a fave image, as there have been so many that are standouts. There are a few that really stick in my head. The soldier, and there was a shot of the white house framed in blossoms. I remember that, or the nightshot of the steps. :thumbup:
Im sure everybody has a different pic that can be a fave, but each pic you have posted has been an inspiration to me, and Im sure a lot of other TPfers.
Your work is brilliant, Jon. Lookin forward to another 12000 posts.

:band: Congrats my friend. :band:
Congratulations! in five posts... so whats it going to be?

Huge photodump?

becoming mod once again?

just a boring ordinary post?

you can tell im bored...

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