Gel sticks?


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Jun 20, 2008
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Good, bad? I've tried using swabs and they just move the dust around. I've heard good things about the gel sticks.

Anyone have experiences with them?

I've been using the swabs with good results for years. I heard really good things about the gel sticks as well though, so I got one.

My experience with it was that, like the swabs, it doesn't work in one pass like magic. What I experienced is that it didn't work unless used several times with a close look using a lighted loupe and a few test frames in between until it's really clear again. All in all, I still like the swabs better.
ugh... good to know, but disappointing. I've had no luck with swabs, so hoping the gel sticks would be a better way, and more affordable than constantly getting it done professionally. Thanks.

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