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Nov 19, 2007
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.. I have a Nikon D200 Camera with a NIKKOR 18-135mm Lens .. my Camera is having a real hard time to 'autofocus' on my subject .. the power drive will work away but will not fix on the subject ..
.. any ideas will be appreciated ..
Marv .. [email protected] ..
That's not much to go on. Under what conditions are you trying to focus.

2 things affect autofocus. Patterns which can be identified by the AF unit, and light. If you are trying to focus on something with little contrast or detail the autofocus unit won't be able to tell when it is in focus. Likewise if there is not enough light (especially at f/5.6 at the long end of the zoom) the AF unit will also find it difficult to operate.
The lens is known to have a hard time focusing in low light. You need to manually set your focus point and it will auto focus faster.
.. thanks much for all your HELP .. I am in the process of getting the Lens issue resolved .. I brought it to Ritz Camera and they determined that the Lens has an internal problem .. it appears that it is 'rubbing' someplace inside the Lens .. and I am lucky that when I bought the Lens I bought an Extended Warrantee by Ritz Camera that coverers the Lens for everything 100% .. now I will just have to live without the Lens until ir returns ..
.. thanks much again ..
Marv ..

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