Kodak 360

Based on the article you linked to, it seems to undercut the Vuze by 1) being available for sale now, and not in August when the Vuze is supposed to become available, and 2) by undercutting the $1000 Vuze 360 price by a full $500.

Not sure what the Nikon 360's street price is expected to be.
It's a bit early to say that anybody truly understands how this market will take off, or not. The camera business has always been built around the idea of convincing people that what they have is NOT as good as "The next big product we have for sale for you, right now, today!" The camera industry is always seeking the next,new,big thing. What happens is that millions of customers, peopole who already have "something", can decide that they simply must buy the new thing.

A few of the previous next new things: dry plate cameras, cameras that can be held in the hand, folding cameras, reflex cameras that had an internal mirror and a big key-wound focal plane shutter, cameras using that new-fangled roll film stuff, twin lens reflex cameras, cameras that could use them thar new flash bulb thingies!, 35mm cameras, camera with built-in rangefinders! woo-hoo!, 35mm SLR cameras, cameras with them newfangled built-in light meters!, and so on. In the more modern era, we had Polaroid cameras, affordable cine cameras; cameras that could use an auto-winder (Canon AE-1 program, worlds BEST-selling camera for many years); automatic loading cameras; automatic focusing cameras; the 35-70mm dual-lens 35mm compact; the built-in zoom compact like the Pentax IQ Zoom 28-90 type: the APS-C or "Advantix" system, the digital compact camera; the digital SLR camera.

THis new 360 thing ***might*** be one of these new, big things. Or it might not be. It's difficult to know just yet.
That reminds me.
I have some Advantix film, but no camera to use it in.
It does fit in the battery compartment of my dslr though. :)

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