More Beach Portraits - PLEASE C&C

Your niece is cute.. what a smile!

A little nitpick.. her eyes, not sure if it is the processing or not.. but they are uneven in color / lightness / sharpness. Check your original and see if it is the same there...

I like the first shot as it is, but the heavy vignette kills the second one.
As Tony said, dump the vignette on #2 and you'd have a good photo. That little lady can really pose! :lol:
I agree with Charlie, the retouching needs to be redone on #1.
I really like composition, lighting, and pose in image #1, but I see two glaring problems with the processing:

1. It seems like you have overdone the eyes... Especially the whites...

2. Her lips seem painted in an unnatural way...

Cute kid! Thanks for sharing!
I thought it was my monitor here at work. I rather see the girl's face in image #2 than the PP in image #1
Can you post the unedited version on #1, or at least exclude the editing you did on her face and lips?

love the posing for daddy and dtr
The poses are really nice but they are both so underexposed it is giving them those orange tones.

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