1. nerwin

    My film drawer

    I figured I should take care of my working film cameras instead of them sitting on my desk collection dust when I'm not using them haha. The only other film camera that isn't pictured is my Yashica FR-II that I am currently shooting with and testing.
  2. nerwin

    Happy accidental double exposure

    I'm still experimenting with film and I finally got the film I used last fall developed. I shot using a Yashica FX-2 with the Yashica DSB 50mm f/1.9 and I believe what happened was the trees was frame 35 and that was the last frame do to me not loading it precisely, I lost a little of space on...
  3. W

    Which ND filter will I need?

    Hello all, I use an analog Polaroid Big Shot camera. It has an f24 lens on the lightest setting and an f55 on the darkest. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/52. This camera can also only be used with a MagiCube (flash). Now I have a question. This camera is set for ISO 80-100 pack film, which...
  4. Svenisko

    Zenit E Mirror falls down in Bulb mode

    Hello. I bought Zenit E in really good shape. Everything is smooth and shutter works correctly. But few days ago, Bulb mode stopped working. Shutter works correctly, it stays open when I lock the shutter release button. But mirror doesn’t lock up. I’ve opened the Mirror mechanism cover and...
  5. H

    Issue with Olympus OM30: stuck in Aperture Priority, cannot change shutter speed when in manual?

    So i bought this untested Olympus OM30 thinking it would be ok since the seller knew nothing about cameras judging by everything else they were selling. When it arrived I put in new batteries and tried using it however, it would only work in "Auto" mode, even if i switched it to Bulb or Manual...
  6. T

    how to get right exposure/depth of field/shutter speed and other parameters

    hi guys, i'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread, if it's not please forgive me ahah. so, i've recently found a canon A1 that belonged to my grandad, i've never used an analog camera in my life and i'm getting into it. i'm not really a beginner about the parameters i'm asking...
  7. M

    Cyanotype safety and disposal of chemicals

    Hi everyone, I am currently studying a new course and have been told that I cant use cyanotype because of the hazards of the disposals of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate. I believe the two chemicals mixed together in the quantities used for cyanotype are safe to use and...
  8. M

    Minolta 7000 Maxxum

    Hey there, I found a Minolta 7000 Maxxum that belonged to my father in the basement. I attempted to replace the 4-AAA batteries and the 1-2016 internal battery. I camera has power but the shutter does not work or move. Also, the camera does not grab the film like it is supposed to when I attempt...
  9. rumblion

    How can I get a 70s vintage effect?

    I have a Canon AE-1 Program, it's my first camera and I don't really know so much about photography. This camera as I know was released at 1981 so I don't know if it's possible to get what I want. Having said that I want to recreate this kind of 70s vintage magazine photos...
  10. A

    Nikon FM10 viewfinder goes blank

    Hi, I've recently purchased a used Nikon fm10, it came with the lens, nikkor zoom but I'm having some problem with the viewfinder and the aperture of the lens, everytime I took some picture the viewfinder will goes black and it wont return for until the next 2 or 3 frame unless I turn the lens a...
  11. Y

    my first Diana Mini roll - failure

    Hello! I bought a Diana Mini camera and today I picked up my first roll and I'm so disappointed with the results (I was expecting it because is my first time, but still) So I need help, how can I get better shots? And what happened? why the colors are so weird? And why they have, i don't know...
  12. C

    Shutter blades sensitivity

    Hello, I was just wondering how sensitive are shutter blades to break or how can i accidentally cause any damage to them. I purchased Nikon FM2(n) in a very good shape to try film photography and by mistake, I touched the blades while loading a film. The shutter is working just fine, I just have...
  13. N

    Film roll in a jammed camera

    Hi, I bought a used Olympus Infinity Stylus zoom 105. Shot up to 14 frames with it and nothing seems wrong. After the 14th frame the camera got jammed and still is (as I'm typing). Well its not about the camera being jammed but the film inside it. Is there any chance that I could remove the...
  14. P

    Transparent smelly film after developing

    Hi all, I recently had two rolls of Kodak 400 color film developed at a store. I dropped the film off at the store and had them mailed to me. One of them had gone through X-rays multiple times before being developed but came out fine. However, the other came out blank/transparent with not...
  15. FLCKeats

    Selecting a metering method

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm posting this in the film thread, because I shoot film (B&W). I know it's applicable to digital photography, but I've found film photographers tend to have slightly different ideas of methodology. I would welcome insight from anyone, though. I've been feeling...
  16. VoyagerXyX

    Greetings from North Bay, California

    Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I'm hardly a professional. I've been doing photography as a passive hobby for about five years. A couple months ago I got into film and it changed the way I look at photography as an art. I'm really enjoying photography in a way I don't think I was able to...
  17. S

    Two Apertures on slr telephoto lens???

    I have a vemar telephoto 200mm lens I am totally, completely new to analog photography Unlike my other lenses, there are TWO aperture rings on this lens. Both can be adjusted seperateley. Can someone Help explains this. How can I have two different different aperture settings for the same...
  18. U

    New compact, Mju III

    First results of my new camera, Olympus Mju III. Film is Kodak Colorplus, my favourite cheap film. :) Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr
  19. rexbobcat

    More Film: Agfacolor Portrait XPS 160 (expired 2001)

    I had to do A LOT of shadow defogging in Lightroom. The latitude held up really well, though, thankfully. I shot it at ISO 80, which seemed to work pretty well. The fogging was so bad in this one I "salvaged" it with b/w lol A comparison: It's probably not true to what the film...
  20. rexbobcat

    Finally got my first few rolls of 120 developed and scanned

    I got three rolls of Portra 160 developed earlier this year but didn't get them scanned because the place was wayyyyyy overpriced. But since I moved there's a photo store about 5 minutes away that can scan them. I'm pleased. I knew that film has a lot of latitude, but I'm a bit surprised just...