1. birdbonkers84

    What to buy for my first Filter for Landscapes

    Hey, I recently found a filter for my Tokina 11-20 f/2.8 lens. I got the Nisi V5 Pro (after a lot of research), but now I don't know which filter to buy first? Any recommendations on a first filter type? i.e 2 stop, 4 stop etc, GND, hard or soft. The Nisi V5 pro comes with a cpl so I'm all...
  2. A

    Canon EOS100 (Elan) Battery Help

    Hi! TL;DR my film camera takes a 2CR5 6v Lithium battery and since the first one died out, none of the batteries from multiple brands work. Help!! This is kind of a long post. I'm new here. A year and some months ago I got a Canon EOS 100 film camera at a used camera store in Glasgow (I...
  3. Fujidave

    HELP/ Capture One Pro 11

    Hi I am totally stumped what I am doing, so could do with some help. For the last few days each time I try to open a New Catalog in C1 this happens ( Photos enclosed ) I think I might be doing something wrong but don`t know what. @Ysarex 1 Photos show they are loading nicely. 2 Then they...
  4. Fujidave

    Godox TT350F Help/Advice

    So my Godox TT350F flash just arrived, I have wanted to get in to trying to use a flash on camera so decided to buy the little 350f. Now it`s here, how do I use it ? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I have never used a flash like this before, it will be used on both my X-T20 and X-T2.
  5. Flavio

    Am I going to regret Panasonic GX8?

    Hi everyone! I've just sold my Nikon D610. Now I'm trying to decide which mirrorless to buy. I'm strugling to decide between the Fuji X-t20 and the Panasonic GX8... well I'm leaning towards the GX8 because of the weather sealing, full articulated screen, articulated viewfinder... BUT its a...
  6. Fujidave


    Hi folks I hope some members who own the Fuji X-T20. Today was my very first try using BBF, I set it to the AF-L as I find it easier, so Susie and I went to the park and it was ok when she stayed still but when she ran about they were not in focus. My settings were X-T20 on BBF high shutter...
  7. jeadows

    Advice & recommendations for macro.

    Hi all, I've been thinking about upgrading my current system sometime over the coming months and I was interested to know if whether any brand does macro better than the other? I currently use a Nikon D3200 paired with my sigma 105mm macro but I have been thinking for a little while about...
  8. jeadows

    Nikon or Canon, something else or nothing?

    Afternoon everyone. I've been thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3200 at some point (not the immediate future, I need time to save and do homework) and mostly shoot and enjoy wildlife, especially macro. Primarily I'd like advice and recommendations for a camera that would be best suited for...
  9. LouisRG

    I have no idea what I'm doing...

    I recently started photography as a hobby - well, I would have had I been able to take acceptable photos. I've recently inherited an Olympus E-300 with 2 lenses: Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-45mm, and a 70-300mm one which I've been told is capable of 600x zoom. As a novice, all this kit sat in my...
  10. M

    Choice of camera: beginner

    Im new to photographing and i wonder what camera i should choose as a starting camera. the price has to be around 750$. Im interested in nature photography, and are going to use it in bad weather. I also want a camera that is good to make films.
  11. shutterbabe86

    Help with how many photos I give clients!

    I have a problem! I have so much trouble cutting down the pics I give to my clients after a regular family or senior shoot. I take a lot of lifestyle type photos when shooting and there end up being so many awesome shots that I know *I* would want if it were my family, so instead of giving the...
  12. Ross Photography

    Need Help Getting Started

    I aspire for my camera to eventually pay itself off, as I'm sure all of you do. I want to know what the best course of action is for me to start making a little money. I mostly do nature and outdoor photography, you can look at some of my work on Instagram. I have thought about doing a few...
  13. Justin TW

    Out of the game for a while. Looking to upgrade. Help?

    Hey there! First time posting here and looking for a bit of help. I have been away from photography for a good couple years now and I'm finding my way back to it. I have been doing some research and I think its time to upgrade my now older gear. I currently have a Nikon D300s and even though I...
  14. M

    New lens, good for taking long-distance photos / wildlife?

    So i recently bought the Nikon D3400 because i want to get into photography. The 18-55mm kitlens i got seems to be pretty decent, but not at any range. I would like some suggestions for a lens under 500AUD, that is good for taking wildlife photography. Also, i have heard that using a...
  15. D

    In need of help

    ello world.. It's hard for me to start this conversation, so pardon me for all mistakes that I will make because I am not native spaker. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, small country on Balkan penisula and I am 21 year old. I think this is good start, for now. I am writing this because I...
  16. E

    camera help

    Hello, I have a Canon Sure Shot 76 zoom and it breaks my heart to say that i dropped it the other day. that's when my camera stopped working; everytime i pressed the shutter button, it wouldn't take a picture. it felt as thought the button was jammed, or couldnt go all the way down. So i took...
  17. BrunoGrossi

    Tips to achieve this result! What do you guys think? NSFW

    Hi everyone, Looking for some insight as to how these two photographers shoot and edit their pictures. Any tips/ observations would be appreciated. Warning, sexy lingerie models ahead :p Photographers Links <Link Removed> Fepo Aponte (@fepo) • Instagram photos and videos
  18. L

    Help on lenses

    Hello, I'm Luana and I'm not a professional, so I'm sorry if any of this sounds dumb. So I won a Nikon D3100 as a gift and two years later my camera fell into the pool. I know. I cried for a week straight. But since it was in the bag it somehow survived. The only damage was in the lens, my...
  19. L

    Help on lenses

    Hello, I'm Luana and I'm not a professional, so I'm sorry if any of this sounds dumb. So I won a Nikon D3100 as a gift and two years later my camera fell into the pool. I know. I cried for a week straight. But since it was in the bag it somehow survived. The only damage was in the lens, my...
  20. S

    Recesky TLR - Film Advance, my problems of.

    Ahoy hoy, I have a quick and rather strange question about the Recesky TLR kit camera that I hope someone here can solve. You see for some reason my shot counter does not work properly, it just goes about halfway and stops, which is good for using the camera for experimental photography and not...